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The iPhone seduces and inspires most of us. We wanted to create a elegant dock that would fulfil the basic functions, but also compliment the aesthetics of the iPhone. We chose non-colours (black & white) for a minimal appearance which would emphasize the elegance of the iPhone. We started from the sanctified geometry of the cube. Always polarized between style and substance, we had to find a way for the iPhone to be held, while having minimal contact with the dock. The dimensions of the iPhone determined the corner radiuses and the overall size of the dock, including the depth. The interior pyramidal space allows the cable to fit inside the dock and the sound to have a better resonance.



Product Description

Praise the iPhone!
Introducing Pedestal, a minimal iPhone dock.


Your iPhone sits in the dock as it syncs, charges, as you talk or as you admire it. The dock emphasizes the beauty of the iPhone by holding it vertically. It compensates the upright position by raising the iPhone 50mm above the desk for a better visibility. The rubber feet ensure the dock has adherence on the desk.

Additional Information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 60 mm